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2001-06-27 04:19:29 (UTC)

Scream Real Loud


Today was an average day. Went to summer school,
borrowed a video which ended up getting me paranoid about
my relationship, bought some headphones for $2, and was
blown off by my girlfriend. Typical day. Let's start at the
I wake up to get to school on time. School starts at
7:50, and I think I got there around 7:53. I don't
understand any of the work, and I don't think I did well on
the test. After about 5 hours of math, I was glad to be
going home. I stopped by Davis' to buy a pair of headphones
off him for $2. I also borrows Cruel Intentions 2, and,
being very paranoid of my relationship already, this movie
just worsened it. It can be a happy movie or a sad movie
depending on your taste.
So I get home, and the movie doesn't effect me until
Sarah calls and tells me she spends all day with Charlie
and asks if I want to go to a movie with them later.
Tuesdays are "Dustin & Sarah" days, not "Sarah and Charlie,
and Dustin if he wants to be a third wheel" days. I was a
little mad.
So that's my day. I hate my life. Sometimes I wonder
if I should just leave everything behind and go to a better
place. Maybe LA. It's closer than Florida. Bye²
- Dustin Snider
Owner and Creator of Incredible Space Monkey Central

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