2002-07-04 17:26:08 (UTC)

Lunch Breakya

Hey i'm on my lunch break....
I'm at home and it's really cold in here!
Blazin'like fire outside tho', so
sallgood. I'm wrapped up in a
really fluffy, warm blanket..
i love blankets! Blankets and pillows
gotta be one oftha bestest things.
my orange hair is still holdin' up but
i think the dye is seriously getting
to my brain.
Oh, the new gurl at work, Lyna, was
actually nice to me today. I was like,
whatcha want? Ha nah.. but it's weird.
Katie's back at work!!! Kool.
I hope y ou all are having a good Independance DAY!
PRAISE GOD for our country, and for our President.
Bless GOD. Man, i am so grateful for America.
It's really true that many, many people would give up an
arm and/or leg just to live here (ANYWHERE in tha USA)
and enjoy the
that we so very much take advantage of!
Can you believe they might take "GOD" out
of the pledge of allegiance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????
That's like taking the WASHINGTON out of George! lol
well, it's really serious.
have a great 4th of July.. and God bless you...... :):)!

Sorry i'm so darn boring,


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