Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
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2002-07-04 17:09:44 (UTC)

Well last night was REAL fun

It was helluva bright and warm when I left around 5.40pm.
I couldn't have chosen a worse outfit for a stupid warm
night. All dark and stuff. Plus I dyed my hair black again
a few hours before so the heat was just being sucked into
it. I was so warm, it wasn't funny. I turned up at
Christine's house first, Ian came a few minutes later,
followed by Andrew a while later. The plan was to meet up
and come up with a plan for today (Which clearly hasn't
happened, or has and I'm not a part of it. I'm paranoid)
but that never really happened. So we just hung around her
house for a while (till 3am actually). Some things we did
whilst there was go out in the back yard, talk about
Sarah's psychosis, which led to Graeme's psychosis. Which
led to Andrew and his super "Graeme Death Attack" where he
pretty much took him apart. We went to Pizza Hut, even
though I had dinner before I left the house, and I had
pizza and dessert, shameful indeed. On the way back to
Christine's house some drunken/drugged up ned started some
crap about wanting cigs and we didn't have any and then he
tried to punch Andrew. I think he connected but being a
ned and intoxicated I doubt it would have hurt much. For
some reason after some random flailing on Andrew's part
with the ned, the rest of the group (Andrew, Ian,
Christine and Irene, Christine's sister) ran away from him
as I calmly walked down the road. The ned ran after them
for a bit then decided to return to his place under the
bridge but not before a REALLY threatening "what are you
looking at?" from the ned aimed at me. OOOOOOHHH scary.
Wish he tried to take a swing at me, it'd been an excuse
to go nuts and kick some stranger's head in. I didn't get
involved when he attacked Andrew because I figured he
could handle a single unarmed ned. Well after that
particular piece of random violence, we went back to
Christine's where we just watched TV for the rest of the
night. Only other thing that happened was Christine's
desire to punch me a lot, although I di tell her to punch
as much as she wanted. And she did, about 100 times at
least. It didn't really hurt but the accumilation of many
punches has left some kind of massive bruise on my left
arm. Kudos to Christine she's got the potential for power.
Thats pretty much it for last night/this morning.

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