The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2001-06-27 04:00:32 (UTC)

I read what she wrote...

Well i read what my friend Mary wrote in her diary entry
about me and i am not angry or pissed off about it..b/c i
know that she is right..about everything i am immature and
i know it i dont know why i changed my diary entry most
likely b/c i didnt want my friends to have to deal with
anymore shit then what they had im sorry for what
ive done and i am going to try to make it up to you..but i
dont know if there is anyway to make it up to you b/c i am
too lose you..i am sure holding back information
just worsens it and it is only b/c i dont know what else to
do i am WAY to afraid to lose the best freind i could ever i will show her this and i will tell her my new
name infact i will tell everyone my new name and i am going
to keep it like a real diary and i will try to tell them
everything that i feel about them..i am just afraid of
losing friends i dont have that many to truley begin with
so i will have to work harder to keep these friends that i
have and that mean so much to me..
So to those that read this i can only say these little
words in hope that they will help in some small way
hopefully..."I AM SORRY FOR ALL THAT I HAVE DONE!" and i
know that that isnt enough to make it all better that is
only the start..and i hope that i can go on being friends
with all you great people b/c you all mean sooooo much to
me..and i will know longer be the center of attention that
i am sorry that i even tried to be...Thank you