The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
2001-06-27 03:49:12 (UTC)

What i think after it done and said

Ok well i have been thinking alot about this and i have
decided on one decision and that is that i am very very
selfish i mean i have been looking back at the past year
and everything that i have done AND said and i realize that
it was stupid of me to be pissed off at people for a stupid
reason it is true i over reacted TO much over
everything...I did thrive on the attention and that
explains probaly alot of the things that i did and i just
want to Apoligize to all my friends with writing in this
entry a single "passage" to everyone and i am going to try
and lighten up on how i react to the STUPIDEST things.. ok
well here it goes..
Ok I am gonna Start With Ashley S. B/c this is gonna be a
short one b/c thankfully this year we havent had any
arguements but i am sure we might someday in the future..
Ashley: ok well you have been there for me and for everyone
and you have never been selfish for attention or needs you
were always the nutral one on alot of "heated" arguements
that might have happenend between me and/or someone
else..And I thank you for that and for being a great friend.
Libby:Well we have had one heck of a year this year we have
been the best of friends and the "not so best of
friends"and i thank you for still wanting to be my friend
even after all i might have said or done to you. And i
dont think i can appoligize enough for that..or Thank you
enough for still wanting to be my friend even after i was
Will:OMG is there gonna be enough space or time for me to
type..? Wow well were to start i guess i'll start from the
begining..Thanks to Ashley we have been able to become the
best of freinds and i cant thank her enough for that...but
we have been on like a rollar Coaster from the start but it
has been fun and it has been scary..and in the end it has
been a great thing! Thank you for being there for me when i
needed you! You mean alot to me and so does are friendship
that has the chance to "blossom" over the school year. And
i also dont know if i can apoligize enough for what i have
put you through and i promise that nothin like this will
ever happen AGAIN! I will personally make sure it
doesnt...And i just want you too know that even though
lately we havent been that close like we can be i just want
you to know that even though all the nasty things i have
said to you i DO trust you and i hope you can someday
truley trust me...and that i love you for all that you have
done for me and for my do have a "higher"
purpose in this earth...THANK YOU!!!! I LOVE YOU!
Mary:...WOW...This could be a lloonngg entry..i mean we
have been friends for eight years and ever year we tested
are friendship through the worst and through the best and
it has and always will "pass." I realize that over the year
i have done some stupid shit to you and i have said some
nasty things that i truley regret ever saying ,but i have
learned that i can trust you with everthing i tell you..and
i know you wont tell anyone..b/c you are the best friend
anyone can be blessed to are strong b/c you put
up with me without too mush complaining and bitching and i
admire you for that...and you never STOPPED being my friend
even when deep down (and i am sure there were times)you
wanted to kill me for something i did or said...I just dont
know what else i can say ..except that i am sorry for all
the over reacting i have EVER done (and i am sure there is
ALOT of that too)you truley are the bestest friend i could
ever ask for you are an example of a TRUE friend as are ALL
of my friends that i have...This year has been quite
interesting for both of us and i hope/am sure we can/will
pull through this and "pass" this friendship test for the
year and i am sure that we will pass it every year that we
are together(hoping that is a lloonngg time!)...I am sorry
for all the times that i have been a total jerk to you..and
i love you for you just being you thank you for NEVER
Ashley A: even though are friendship hasnt been for a long
time it is still "blooming" and i hope we can always be the
best friends that we have grown to be..Thank you for
listening to me complain...I LOVE YOU!
Well know that my hand hurts am i have never felt soo happy
to be able to get that all out of me and out to all my
~~~With much Love~~