No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-07-04 12:48:10 (UTC)

concert and stuff

Happy 4th of July to all of you! Hope you guys have a great
day today!
Well, I went and saw the Riddlin Kids and House Of Blues
last night. They were awesome. The first band that played...
(I still can't remember the name!) But they sucked. They
got booed the whole time and flicked off. The second band
Subunder Zero (I dont think that's right...but it's close)
was awesome. Riddlin Kids rocked! It was an awesome show.
The mosh pits were weak. They bearly touched the girls.
Whimps. There was a lot of crowd surfing...I'd be too
afraid I'd get dropped. It was fun.
I called my dad the other day. He decided it'd be fun to
block me on his AIM after court that day. So I called him
and whoever answered the phone gave me an attitude and so
did dad. He bearly said anything and was really quiet. I
got frustrated with the silence (I was already upset that
he blocked me) and let Colleen say hi. Then he was tired so
she let him go. Nice to talk to the air for 5 minutes! I
still hope he has a good day today. From the sounds of it
he will.
I finally finished painting my room and putting it all back
together yesterday. I changed a few things about it. I let
my little sister have my computer. (it doesn't have
internet access and sits in my room collecting dust) In
return, I took the TV, VCR, and video games and put them in
my room. I have a cool little thing they are on too. I
spray painted it silver. It's really neat. The bad thing
is that I don't have a cable plug in my room so I get no
TV, but oh well. It's ok.
Trying to figure out what else I can ramble about to take
up time and space :)
I think I'm done. Yeah, well, at least for now. ttyl.