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2001-06-27 03:29:14 (UTC)

years go by...

...will i still be waiting for somebody else to
understand? years go by, will i choke on my tears til
theres nothing left"

"sometimes i think you want me to touch you, how can i when
you build the great wall around you, in your eyes i saw
future together, you just look away in the distance"

"Oh god why am i here if love isnt forever?... i could just
pretende that you love me, the night would lose all sense
of fear, but why do i need you to love me, when you cant
hold what i hold dear"

"I walked into your dream and now I've forgotten how to
dream my own dream"

"if you love enough, you'll lie a lot..."

"i know we're dying and theres no sign of a parachute, why
cant it be beautiful why does there gotta be a sacrifice"