fake plastic diary
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2002-07-04 11:59:13 (UTC)

4 hours later

just when im bored to death and wondering what the hell to
do i get an email from u. how good timing is that? now i
can spend a ridiculously long time replying, even though i
havent really got anything new to say. since i emailed u
about 4 hours ago my life has not changed dramatiacally. i
did go to school, gave in books and stuff. ended up talking
to mad english teacher for a bit, tried desparately to get
away. couldnt find even madder tech teacher so i just left
stuff on the floor infront of one of his rooms. how i ended
up taking home a set square, ruler and pencil is completely
a mystery. but i felt i had to take them back cos hes a bit
particular about his drawing equipment. he counts
everything in and if theres anything missing then u cant go
until u find it. he kept us in a whole diner time looking
for a pencil once, so i think i might have saved the time
of a lot of kids by returning that stuff. although knowing
that school, its probably been nicked/broken by now. ah
well. not my problem. i also chatted to mr morgan for a
bit. his wife had her baby. shes called harriet lucy morgan
which i think is a really nice name. hes gonna be such a
cool dad. the class was watching saving private ryan. i
love that film. i first saw it in that room actually. its a
bit odd seeing it again in there, especially when thats the
last time im ever gonna go in that room.
i hate the deoderant i got at the mo. its real difficult to
push the thing down.....or maybe thats just me being weak.
plus its a bit powdery. smells nice tho. its the sure stuff
with the blue tick. xenia likes wearing mens deoderant. i
thought that was really odd at first, but i guess it makes
sense. i mean its kinda designed to attract women. the lynx
effect and suchlike, so it only stands to reason that a
woman would want to wear it because she likes the smell.
how come ur dad needs a heart bypass anyway? is he okay?
the nhs is pathetic. that just takes the piss. i remember
chaz was supposed to have this opperation on her toe and
she got put on this waiting list for about three years,
then when she finally got to have the operation, her toe
had just gone okay on its own.
the way i see it, im 16. im supposed to be lazy. i may as
well make the most of it. i really couldnt cope with doing
all exercise at the minute. today i just feel tired.
yesterday i danced round my bedroom for about an hour.
thats about as energetic as i get. just dancing around. oh
and i have this bad habbit of sitting and tapping my feet
and rocking backwards and forwards. my friends pointed it
out when we were in belgium and holly called me a weeble. i
know rocking is a sign of madness, but i also figure its
gotta be quite good for me. like moving constantly and
stuffs gotta use up some energy.
hush! im not that grey! just a few strands at the back of
my head. it mite even be blonde. i cant tell. i was born
with red hair which went really blonde and pretty and then
when i was about 4 it just started going brown and now i
have that really common brown colour. i found the idea of
the mad irish teacher with a gun pretty funny too. i looked
at the paper and laughed for a bit. then freaked. then just
laughed again. the picture of him in there is really bad
which doesnt help. its a police photo and he does actually
look like a criminal on it. washed out face with little
eyes and a pervy look.
i dont think a gynacologist could enjoy his job. it'd be
boring, and if he enjoyed it too much hed end up going mad
and quitting. id hate to be married to a gynacologist tho
cos itd be weird thinking about what he does all day. i
think it'd make sex less interesting. i think they shud all
be female. it'd be a bit less embarassing. well, actually i
dunno. i think it'd be embarassing whatever. im getting
myself stressed now. stop.argh.
margo the stupid butch woman is here packing stuff to take
back to her house. i hope she doesnt come back this time. i
dont think she will. but if she did my dad would be a fool
to take her back. she just needs to go away forever. and
maybe die. i dont think thats too harsh a thing to say.
thats about as much as i can think of to say. i think im
gonna go watch saving private ryan. in that lesson they
were up to the bit where theyve just landed and theyr
looking up at the enemy soldiers with the mirror stuck to
the bayonet. im gonna watch it from that bit.
so bye bye sweetie pie. love u loads, lisa xxx