the wanderer

doo-hickey nonsense
2002-07-04 10:50:11 (UTC)

Happy "for one day I'll put aside my homeland bashing" Day

Man, I'm just Mr. Negativity ain't I? Anyway, was just
thinkin' how funny it was that the 4th of July has arrived
and has reminded people to fly their flags for a few days.
Maybe it's just too un-cool to hang 'em the rest of the
year. Whatever, just another day for people to clog their
arteries and bring out the "pyro" in all of us. I don't
know about you, but that's gotta be the most noble way to
show appreciation for the country you call home. Kinda like
gettin' plastered on your 21st birthday: "Let's celebrate
the passing of another year by getting alchohol poisoning."
Independence Day: "Let's celebrate another year of the
existence of our great nation by setting fire to ourselves
and our forests." I know I'm proud to live in a country
where I can still (pretty much) say and write whatever I
want to.