My Diary
2002-07-04 10:09:23 (UTC)

Lunch Today

Had a very nice lunch with Marian today. Both of us
definitely ate way too much. I still couldn't believe that
we could finish the 30 pieces of fried wontons. Exercise,
Exercise and Exercise, need to get back to the gym this
weekend. I am sure working out at the gym more often will
help to release my stress. Someday, instead of being called
as "Stress Moster", I would like to be called "Happy
I wonder how he is doing today. My feelings to him still
remain very strong. Also, it is why I don't want to keep
pushing this by giving him a call. I almost think like
giving him a call or sending him an e-mail would further
demage the situation.
I am now at the point that I just want to talk to him face
to face to clear out the situation. I hate to leave it like
this, whether we are going to continue or not. I think
having a peaceful discussion together will help both of us
to get through this in a better way.