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2002-07-04 06:41:13 (UTC)

new day begins - today is to win

Today a new day begin. It is time to win.
People need to know what they want. They need to say what
are feeling to truly friends. And not what are thinking
about anything.
This hero faces self fears in a day and won. Because life
says today is a day to win. Tomorrow never comes only the
Sun crosses the sky and come back after night. A hero does
not wait for some people to give the passage for next day.
Heros lives for day and then if they are brave they will
get next day. Cowards live for now and they will not see
the next step toward their sight. There is people that does
not know what they have wanted for a life. And there is
people that uses them.
Better days for me and for my truly friends. The Carol and
the Mel.