fake plastic diary
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2002-07-04 08:12:27 (UTC)

go toora loora toora loo rye aye!

dear you.
i had a lovely day yesterday doing absolutely nothing. i
couldnt even be bothered making dinner so i didnt. ah the
freedom of not having to do anything. again today i dont
have to do anything. im gonna go take some text books back
into school though cos the maths teacher is sending me
threatening letters and she phoned the house and she scares
me. she looks like an albatros with too much freaky
my hair is pretty crap. i dont get split ends for some
reason. my hairs basically okay, just boring. most days i
dont need to bother brushing it, even after ive had a
shower or whatever. that sounds really scruffy i know, but
my hair just never tangles it just goes like this on its
own. and theres a bit that sticks out at the back, but i
cant do anything about that. oh and im going grey. which is
ridiculous. just a few hairs all in the same place. so dont
freak or anything. and i refuse to look like a butch
lesbian. i would look so bad with a shaved head. i would
look like a potato.
did i tell u about the teacher i used to have who got
arrested for firearms offences? well, it turns out that he
used to bring his gun in the classroom! i dont remember
ever seeing a gun, but this parent wrote into the paper
saying that her son told her a few years ago that he had a
gun in class, and used to tell the kids that he was going
shooting. its just a bit weird to think that i might av
once sat in a class with a mad teacher who had a gun!
well, on tv nurses always look really pretty. in real life
at our doctors there is only one woman and she is old and
looks like a horse. i dread the day when i get ill or need
stuff from the doctors. i dont ever wanna go see her. even
worse will be the day when i have to go to the
gynacologist. shudder. that must be such a disgusting job.
fair enough if the patients are okay, but there must be
some really angin looking ppl. like being a dentist i
suppose. but worse.
ur very right about the scientists. theyr a useless bunch
of ppl. they can genetically modify a chicken but i still
dont have that robot that washes up for me. bastards.
i was looking thru some old work and stuff from primary
school and i found this time line that we had to make of
our imaginary future. mine is ridiculous. it goes along the
lines of age 17 win olympic gold medal for gymnastics. age
18 go to uni and get 3 degrees for science. age 20 be a
nurse. age 25 become a mad scientist, my other job is to
teach ballroom dancing in the evenings. age 27 get married.
age 30 have triplets. age 60 retire. travel around the
world. have 80 books published in one year. age 75 husband
dies. age 76 i die of a broken heart. how bloody stupid is
that? no wonder the teacher laughed at me.
well, i havent done anything else worth mentioning. i wrote
a poem. drew a picture. watched some old films. amused
myself, listened to some music. pissed off the builders
next door with the music. pissed off the old person on the
other next door with aforementioned music. i dunno why. it
was only some radiohead, which i have got really into at
the mo. theyr chaz's fav band and thats why i never really
listened to them before. they were like her little
trademark band thing, if u see what i mean.
hmmmm for some reason i can smell soup. which isnt right
cos nobodys had any soup for ages. probly something burning
gonna go get dressed now. happy wanking.
love u loads, lady lisa xxx.