Poetic Soul
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2002-07-04 07:21:06 (UTC)

A Perfect Realtionship

Me and my baby(AKA Chipmunk) have just went through hell
and back. We didn't know where we were going to end up
after all this was said and done. Luckily we were able to
keep our realtionship together. I love her so very very
much. Even life itself. I say that cuz life doesn't last
that long but my love for her will last forever. Before me
and her started having the problems we would always say how
perfect our realtionship is. Saying that we were the
perfect couple. We thought we were until we had ran into a
lot of trouble. What I am trying to say that the only way
to achieve perfection is first going through hard times.
Take for example the diamond. The coal that makes the
diamond has to be push upon. Pressure has to build up to
make it into that perfect diamond. I am saying that in any
realtionship you are going to have hardtimes. Its how u
handle them which will make the difference