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my submissive life
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2002-07-04 07:04:24 (UTC)

new ideas

Ever see those thorny seeds that fall off some trees?
Those round little seeds with the prickly covering? Make
me stuff my bra and panties with them and wear them all

Before i leave for work in the morning, have me jerk you
off so you cum in my shoes. Make me walk around the whole
day with your cum squishing between my toes.

Use a very tiny clip to attach a bell to my clit and wear
it all day under a skirt with no panties. Everyone will be
wondering where the ringing is coming from.

Buy a female blow-up doll for me to play with. Have me put
my own high heel shoes on the doll and worship them. Have
me fondle the doll as if it were a real woman. Put a strap-
on dildo on the doll and make me fuck it.

Buy a long string of anal beads and force the largest bead
inside my ass with the rest of the string dangling out of
my ass. Make me go out like this wearing a short skirt and
no panties so the string of beads is easily visible. As if
the humiliation isn't enough, see how many people you can
get to tug on the string and watch the discomfort on my

Let me wear a thong when we go out for the day. First have
me sew very rough sandpaper into the crotch of it. The
friction from walking around isn't enough. Have me sit
straddling as many things as possible, the tops of benches,
fences, even your knee. Order me to rub my crotch back and
forth over the surfaces as the sandpaper rubs my pussy

Place an electro-torture dildo into my pussy. Keep us in
crowded areas all day. Periodically shock my pussy and
watch my face. If i react to the shock, increase the
voltage and shock me again as punishment. If i misbehave
at all during the day, turn the voltage up enough to make
me scream and/or double over in pain and shock me for one
full minute. Tell the onlookers that it's my time of the
month and i have cramps or that i'm very gassy that day.

Place me in set of stock out in a park. Set up a video
camera and tell people we're film-makers reinacting scenes
from colonial days and would they please whip me and
humiliate me as if i were being punished for sinning.
Suggest that they spit on me, throw mud at me, pinch me,
tickle me, pull my hair, curse at me, etc. Emphasize that
authenticity is crucial to the film.

Set up an interrogation scene for us one night. Have me
hide something of yours before we begin. This is the
information you are trying to get out of me. Just before
you being torturing me, tell me that if you succeed in
finding the object, you will have me go through a female
castration. The session will last 8 hours. Push me past
every previous limit; if i believe the threat is real, i
should be able to withstand more than ever before.

Throw a party for me. Set up a gauntlet for me to run
repeatedly throughout the night. Line the guests up each
with a paddle. Have me grab my ankles and walk slowly down
the line while having my ass paddled. Have a secret code
word such that anytime someone unknowingly says it, i have
to run the gauntlet again. Have other secret code words
such that when someone says them i must beg the person to
whip my tits or use the electric wand on my clit.

After a long hard day at work, put me on my hands and knees
and use me as a footrest.

Read my diary every month and count the typos. Ram a huge
didlo up my ass for each error while i verbally correct the

Tie me spread eagle under a low table. Tickle my exposed
feet mercilessly. See how long i can go without begging
you to stop. Punish me for my lack of tolerance by
attaching my nipple and clit clamps tightly to the
underside of the table such that the slightest move i make
sends ripples of pain through my sensitive areas. Tickle
me for twice as long. Gag me if my screams annoy you.

Attach electrodes to my nipples before a long business
meeting. Run a very low current though my tits so that i
can hardly feel it. Every minute or so, up the voltage.
See how much i can take without expressing any pain on my
face. The only way to get you to stop is for me to say out
loud "slut." If i manage to say it (and then try to
explain it), you stop. Later i am punished for using the
code word by having my tits whipped with a cane.

Make me stand in a schoolyard wearing a dunce cap. Explain
to the kids that this is how bad girls were punished in the
olden days. Tell them i've been bad and let me them point
and laugh at me. Encourage them to call me names and make
fun of me. Don't stop them or let me leave until you see

If i embarass you or am disobedient while out at a bar at
night, have me lift my skirt and drop my panties and bend
over the bar. Announce to all present that i'm a naughtly
little slut and invite them to take turns giving me a bare
bottom spanking. Make me hold position until all have had
their turn and then have me shuffle out of the bar with my
panties still around my ankle and my red ass and face on
display for all to see.

Convince my boss at work to punish me for handing in
anything with typos in it by smacking my palms with a ruler
or my knuckles with a thin baton. See if he'll keep the
door to his office open while he does it.

Bring a female dominatrix over and have me stand naked on
display for her. Have her go over my body in excrutiating
detail pointing out every flaw. This should include excess
weight, lack of firmness, scars, birthmarks, overall build,
asymetries, poor grooming, etc. Have her mark them with
red marker on my skin. Make a list of all the flaws. Whip
my pussy for each one. Have me stand naked facing a mirror
every night before bed and repeat the list of flaws. Point
them out to me frequently and see if you can make me cry.
If i do, punish me for being such a baby with a stern over
the knee spanking.

Have me make a list of five new painful or humiliating
ideas every week. If i fail to complete the list one week,
make me live out the lists from the past several weeks as
punishment. Add your own creative/demonic twists on my
ideas at your leisure.

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