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2001-06-27 03:00:01 (UTC)

OK ok

~*Ok my day didnt suck.It really was bad at the
beginning but it got better.I just got back from bowling
with brenna,rachel,and brandon.I slept till 3:15 then took
a shower and went outside and my headache got better.I hung
out with bobbi and sarah.I went home and my mom took me
driving but my sister wouldnt fill up the stupid gas tank
so she walked pmsing i think.Newayz then some
of the neighborhood kids and some of bobbis and sarahs
friends from school.i chilled till i went home to eat
dinner and brenna called.She asked me to go bowling with
her and rachel.Brandon drove and he kept speeding up and
stuff...scary since 4ppl died in a car crash the other day
from going fast.Oh well.I lost lol.they had like 100 and i
had 60 haha.Im not the best bowler....atleast i got a
strike.hehe.It was fun.Rachel is so funny.Oh we also played
pool bc none of the lanes were open lol.i lost at that game
too....its only cuz they cheated lol.i g2g.