The Daily Babble
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2001-06-27 02:55:39 (UTC)

Good God!

God damn! So I had a full day of work and Magda's PMSing
and bitching about everything...the phones are ringing off
the hook, and both Muhammed and Nimra are moody!...After I
got lunch for everyone [they gave me money, I just drove
out and got it], Muhammed left for some convention thing
and Magda left...Then I got freaking yelled at by some old
lady who was supposed to be helped by Magda and Magda
hadn't gotten the work done. So I got all annoyed about
that. I called Jeff around lunch and we talked for like 5
minutes but not too long.

The patients weren't too bad today, they were actually
pretty pleasant. But there was a lot of them. Then around
3, there was this TERRIBLE accident right outside the was so bad and massive that our whole office
shook and the cars took out the front steps! So that was
the chaos for over an hour and then I left at 5 cuz I
couldn't take it any more!

Home was ok..didn't do much but talk to family...then Vik's
mom came by to drop of stuff for the wedding stuff on
Friday and then we arranged the presents after dinner.

Other than that, I'm talking to Jeff right now and looking
forward to tomorrow! Woohooo. Hehe.

I'll write more about that tomorrow, g'nite all!