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2002-07-04 05:08:56 (UTC)

Tired Wooo-Weeeee!

Dear Diary!
Wow What A Wonderful Day Ive Had! Best Since All
This Depression Ive Gone Through!Well Its Started With
School!Let Me Tell Ya Yeah I Got Some Females In Class
Alrite Fo Show Fo Show(I Dont Think Its Gonna Help My
Situation But Hey IM Talking And Gettin Along With Them
Already!)Then I Went To The Mall And Bought Two Shirts FOr
Thursday And Friday!Then Work Was Easy And Simple Today My
Ex G/F Sylvia Went In There Again And Well I Kinda Over
Hooked Her Up With Make UP (Shhhh Keep It On Tha D-Low)The
Weird Thing Is That Right As She Walked Out She Said"I Love
Ya Babe"Wat!!!!!!Wait Is That What Hooking Up Folks Doo LOL
I Know She Didnt Mean It But Who Knows(Seriously i Don Care)
Anyways Continuing I Hooked Up A Whole Bunch Of Folks Like
My Dad, My Co-Worker, And The Lady Who Works Down The
Street Who Keeps Hittin On Me(She Bout 22 And Calls Me
Sweetie And Cutie All The Time Talk Bout Harrasment LOL j/k)
After Work I Went TO The Carnival With My Cuz And Met With
Some Old Friend From High School Mariela(Everyone Was
Looking At Us As If We Were Together!Were Not Weve Just
Close Friends)Brenda & Her Friend(Shes Cute Holla!)Laura,
And Some Other Friends Of Theres!Man There Was Alot Of
People There And Wooooo I Know There Gonna Be Talkign Bout
Me Already But Ask Me If I Care?Helll Naw!Well Trough All
This Joy I Had Only One Problem Today And If That Special
Gurl Who Will Always Share And Fill That Empty Piece In My
Heart Reads This I Wanna Tell You This!Im Sorry If YoU Took
Anything The Wrong Way But Hey Ill Beg At Ya If I Know Ive
Done Somethign Wrong But This Time I Cant And Wont Beg For
No One Cause Ive Done Nuttin But Be Honest With You And Try
To Help You Out And The Truth Hurts But Ill Always Be There
By Yourside And Ill Always Have And Share Those Feelings
For You No Matter If YoU Just See Me As A Friend(She Just
Emailed Me And Were Cool Now) Better News Now!!!Anyways IM
Sooo Tired I Got A Head Ache Gotta Shower Wash And Get
Ready For Tomorrow Cause No School And No Work Till Saturday
(Work)& Monday(School)Yeeeeeeeeehhhh Well I Have Thoughts
Bout My Next Entry Which Will Intrest Me Ive Been Wanting
To Do This FOr Tha Longest And Put How mAny Gurls Ive Gone
Out With And Messed With(Only Initials On That One LOL)
Cause Seriously Im Slow And I Have A Bad Memory So I Have
To Write Them Down And I Have No Clue On How Many!Well
Sorry But I Gots To Bounce Out!!!!Yoamy GOt A Nice Tan
Wooooooooo You Sexy MaMa LOL Manny Fresh Is Out So Peace
Out Everyone

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