My Diary
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2002-07-04 04:45:16 (UTC)


I am a lot calmer today than the past few days. Saw Naomi
off to Europe last night. It was so good to see her again
and to catch up with her. She seems to enjoy her stay
here , especially with the time that she spent with mom and
dad. She kept saying that time has gone by so far, and she
felt like the dream with all the travelling that she has
been doing so far. She was crying badly on the moment that
she had to hop on for the train to the airport. It was
difficult to see her leave. At the same time, I think we
will be seeing each other sooner or later again and it
wasn't a real good bye for us. It took us two and a half
years to see each other agian, hopefully it will be sooner
next time for us to be able to see each other again.
Dad went to see the doctor yestersday of having a swallon
red eyes. The doctor advised dad to watch out for the
healing status of his eyes, Dad is worries , very worries
about his eyes and afraid that they might turn blind. I
wish my family will stay well and healthy.

I remember a poster from Isabella's room , it said
something like " Today is a gift, that's why it called
present". As the million things I complain about life,
work, relationship and so on.... I think I am earning every
second and mins of life and I should truly be thanksful
about it. What is life all about? Not to think too much,
not to stress too much, not to get anger too much..... but
to enjoy all the good things ....

My thoughts of today

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