the facts of my life
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2002-07-04 04:05:49 (UTC)

lif is it not fun

well the guy i like had a show tonight and he was very
scared he would not win. I was not old enough to go see if
he wins or not but i think he did win. He is leaveing
tomorrow morning at 6:15 and going to AZ for the next 17
days. i start work friday and hope i am going to do a
great job as a dishwasher at a lil restraunt here in my
home town well i was camping last night and hat to prove
that i could chop wood jst as well as any of the guys
there and i did but i almost broke two nails and i have
blisters on my hand and i will say that i will not do that
again while i am half way drunk. well you all can take
care and have a fun fourth of july and please do not do
anything stupid.