Amandas Twisted Life
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2002-07-04 04:04:53 (UTC)

my day was sucky...

hello people... today i was gonna go to the movies to see
the powerpuff girls but my mom wouldnt let me go:( that sux
ass...so my bf joe said he will take me :) ok the thing
about joe...i went out w/ him b 4 and i think thats y i
dont like him as much as i should...dont get me wrong or
anything i like him but i dont know... he told me that i
made him realy happy and he was so happy we were going out
a lot of really sweet stuff and i like him a lot to but..
AGRH im so confused!!...oh well...
i talked to charles today... it turns out hes not moving!
YAY...i told him i almost cried when i found out he was
leaving so...i guess he knows i still like him...even tho i
shouldnt, i know its wrong!! i dont know wut to do... well
im gonna go... ill write more later!