The Diary of Rebecca Kinser
2001-06-27 02:00:28 (UTC)


Well hey,

I just got back from BBS. I DID talk to Gregg tonight.
I dont know what it was that incuraged me...but I did. We
got along soooooooo well! First of all I thought...he's
tall....hes prolly goin' into what? 9th grade?....but I
went up and asked him and he said he was goin' into 7th!
Like me! Sooooo I'm kinda sorta commin' to this

My friend Beth told me,as she was driving me home,
that God was gonna put someone special in my life. Just
like her and David. She said she knew God had given her
David for a reason. They've been together for almost a year
now. I automatically went back to this convorsation when
Gregg and I got to know eachother. And now I think I
know....God is putting us together.