Pure Belligerence
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2001-06-27 01:51:01 (UTC)

*Horny little 14 year old.... uhh*

I had a really nice time at veronicas birthday party....
Her brother, her 14 year old brother that is, had his 8th
grade graduation tonight like an hour after her party
started. He was being an ass and hitting me with a little
pillow that was shapped like a baseball bat. It hurt too.
And then we went into veronicas room and he followed and was
being dumb and all... and pretended to fall all dramatically
and just "happeded" to fall on my legs and kept his arms on
them untill i pushed him off. What a horny little basterd.
Hes always doing things like that but last time i was there
he was hitting me and "accidentally" hit my boobs
repeatedly. Uhh, i mean i guess its flattering but
still.... But something wierd.... i dont mind him doing
things to me nearly as much as i do when people who are my
age (15 or 16 or 17) do it. Hmm. Not that i like this kid
or anything, im just sayin.