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2001-06-27 01:17:42 (UTC)

Sister Visit

Yesterday my sister came by with jazzy my niece, and dallas
my one year old nephew. My sister lives here in Florida
with me but since neither one of us has a car, we don't get
to see each other that often. We spent the day out in the
sun at the pool. The kids had fun. THen we spent the
afternoon chilling in the house watching movies.
She had to head home around five, cause it's a hour bus
ride back home.
She told me that she finally had her dream about mommie.
Since mommies death me, grandma, godmother, and even my
husband have had the DREAm/. You know, the one where you
kinda get to say goodbye and or are you okay, are you happy
where you are?
I still remember my dream. It was a couple of days after
her funeral. Me, My sister, all the kids, and My husband
we" re driving back to florida from New York. I was
sleeping.In my dream we were driving back to florida from
the funeral and stoped off somewhere to get some gas. I
got out of the van to go buy something out of the store. My
sister and my husband came in the store a few minutes later
then my mom came in behind them. She was wearing a white
sorta sheer night gown. Her hair was styled the way she
use to wear it when she was a teenager ( a short slick
look )I was so amazed to see her kinda relieved. I started
sceaming at my sister and my husband " Look! Look!" they
couldnt see her. They kept looking around but they never
said a word. I said " Right HEre! She's Right here! Look"
Then me and momie took hands and started just laughing and
spining around and around.. I could tell by the happyness
on her face that she was happy where ever she was she was
okay. I woke up and it was crushing when I realized it was
just a dream. And that I really didn't get to you know say
goodbye. But I belive there is a god and a heaven. SO I
chalk it up to God's way of letting me know mommie is home
now and for me to just go on cause Ill see her again.
Anyway My sister had her first dream almost 10 months later.
It went like this..... She was in her little house. I
knocked on her door, and I was smiling and motioning her to
come out her door. when she did she saw on one side the
van that we drove back to florida in from the funeral
grandma, godmother, my hubby, and my two sons were in the
van smiling in my sisters direction but not at her. and
waving. My sister turned around to see what we were all
looking at and she see's my mom running toward her wearing
her favorite cut off bleached jean shorts and tank top.
She was wearing her braids. ( at the funeral the coroner
cut them all off).and mommie grabed her and gave her a big
hug. My sister says " is this real? Are you real?"
she says that mommie speaks to her and says " Nooo, this
isnt real.." then kisses her on the cheek. Then my sister
wakes up crying... I wish I was there to hold her when she
woke up. But I guess thats for her live in boyfirend to do.
My sister said she did'nt know how to feel. She was sad
but she kinda felt good that she got to see her again.
Just wanted to share that with all of yawll.

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