Used n Abused
2002-07-04 02:27:14 (UTC)

BeINg a BitCh

Hi HI sorry i don't write much in here,let see im being a
bitch today cause everyones making me do their work. ok i
have two other sisters that can do stuff. their lazy
fatass's.. their gettin on my nerves. today cleaned my
upstairs bathroom and alyssa and brittany totally trashed
it just 15 mins ago. ok it took me all day to clean.
beleive me it would take you all day to. and then they left
to go to the movies. and had their clothes all over. and i
just got done putting up another mini blind. and it took me
forever cause the stupid scew wouldn't go in. and the other
one i put in fell down when i closed the window so i just
left it that way . aND then i got into a screaming match
with mom. and she said "FOR SURE YOUR NOT SEEING GATLIN
TOMORROW" im like i dont care ,im just sick of doing
everyones work. and mom goes on like shes all weak and
stuff. puh-leaze shes just turnin lazy tooo......... arggg
but i dunno sorry i need to be nicer and try not to yell
and all that shit. but i stoped and clamed down. Now im on
here trying to let all this stress out. im sick of them
saying i don't do anything . i do more than brittany and
alyssa put together. but who gives a fuck, no one does
BRITTANY DOES IT ALLLLLLLL.. but anywayz on to other
things. gatlin n me....we're pretty good. and stephanie
shes cool i think. Charity my favorite cousin,shes the only
one i don't get mad at anymore. =-) tahts a good thing.
alyssa evillll messy person. but i dunno im going write
again later peace leave me a note to make me feel better