Happy Noodle Boy Rox!
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2002-07-04 02:25:20 (UTC)

NIkkis feedback, i LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT even though its a whole bunch of flattery hahahahahah

You gave some good advice to that guy. I hope things work
out between his friend and that girl, or work out as they
should be and are meant to be. Not how they are easiest.
And I know how ya'll feel about getting attached to ppl.
How they seem almost everything to you, yet you seem
nothing to them. I was reading that and It made me
something I did today. I was trying to think what I would
say at your funeral. LOL, don't ask why but I was. I hope
you wanna hear cause i'm gonna tell you anyways. this is
what i was thinking I would say....Jen was my best friend.
But she was a lot of peoples best friends. She could
change herself into the type of a friend a person would
need to be, without seemingly changing herself. To me, she
was always the one person who could almost understand
anything, and would give any opinion or idea a chance.
if it was only a millisecond, she still thought about it.
We would exchanges words at time when we saw each other,
but we were always the closest when talking on aim. We
both were able to talk and understand better through
writing. We became friends through aim. One of her many
questions she asked, was what is the purpose of life?? Oh,
we came up with many answers, one never seemingly to fit
totally but fitting a little into the solution. But now I
think she knows what the purpose of life is. God has told
her. Now she will always be able to get all the answers to
all of the questions she had. A lot of people were drivin
crazy, myself sometimes included, with all of her endless
questions. Yet we all need a little bit of that curiousity
of life. Curiousity of how things work. That curiousity
her to a great understanding of many things, wether she
knew it at all or not.......LOL...I really don't have an
end. heh, I could never be a speaker. That was what a
normal funeral person would say. heh. So I hope you liked
it. just what I would say at your funeral, but don't you
play on dieing!!! well I'll ttyl. And i'm happy you
updated your diary.I always like reading it. g'night and

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