The Not So Secret Confessions Of Kat
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2002-07-04 01:44:04 (UTC)


hello again im in a muy pissy mood! today strated off ok, i
slept till noon i went with my mom to the home depot to
figure out how to paint my room. iw as thinking of like a
sky or something now im thinking more along the lines of
black or the firey pits of hell along my wall. after that
we met my dad at tinsel town to see MIB 2 (yes im so much
of an outcast i go to the movies with my parents!!!!!!!) u
see i go to the movies early in the day to avoid seeing the
millions of preps that seem to NEVER leave. ya know the
types: the ones withe pants so low u can see there under
wera perfectly fdalt stmchs and about 100 friends and
theier multiple boyfreinds grouping around them. you know
the ones that make u sick. neway we went early but what do
ya know preps every where! thery not suposed to be there
early that s my time! i know im once again over reacting
but seeing lots of happy people there with there friends
and me with my parents at age 14 it really made me feel
like more of a loser than usual. then my dad said some very
not nice things to me that i dont feel need to be written
down............ but well im just pissedand a total loser.
im one of the only people i know my age and older that has
never been out with anyone or had anyone like me. oh sure
iev had the really cruel people pretend to like me for the
sake of humiliating me and giving thier pissant friends and
themselves a laugh but other than thta nop no one. oh wow
im ramliong on so buh ye fior now.

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