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2001-06-27 00:44:12 (UTC)


Emotion: Awesome, but Still Upset
Diary Log: #10
Reality Check: If you scream to much your throat hurts...if
you eat a funnel cake, don't eat all the powdered sugar,
you'll get super hyper!
Prior Entry: I Can't Take This Sh*t
Thinking Of: Next year is so gonna suck!
Who’s online: Stupid Emma(my ex's sister)
Word of the Day: Light-heart-ed adj. happy --light-
heart-ed-ly adv --light-heart-ed-ness n

I NEVER EVER want to forget this day!!!! Today I was awoken
by my stepfather messing with my doorhandle(clicking the
lock). He told me to get ready for Raging Rivers. My girl
Angela called a couple nights ago asking me to go with her
today. I got up, put on my bathing suit, which is
blue/purple swirlyish stuff, and got online to check my
mail. I read Romeo & Juliet( a diary zine, now known as
Sexy Six)and then I heard the doorbell ring. It was Angela!
I ran to the door to greet her. I didn't have shoes on and
I couldn't find my blue sandals, so I took my mom's brown
ones. We were heading out to the car when I noticed someone
else in it. It was Katie! Whoa, I was really suprised
because Angela and her weren't getting along to well
towards the end of the year. She was so incredibly nice! I
couldn't believe that either. And for once, instead of
Katie, I was the loud one! I'm soooooo proud of myself!
Anyway, we went to Raging Rivers and this lady we didn't
even know gave us a buy one get one free ticket, it was so
awesome! We went in and rode on that one slide thing that
you go down with a tube. Then we went to the wave pool and
messed around in the waves. After that we went to the tree
house and waited for the big bucket to fill up and dump on
us. Not long after that we went up for something to eat. I
got a cheeseburger with ketchup on it. It was suprisingly
good. I was the first finished. I asked Katie if she was
curious who Timmy was(I was talking to her and told her I
was gonna switch sns cuz I wanted to talk to Timmy) and she
said she was, but she didn't want to say anything. I told
her about my slight(ha slight? try majorly extreme)
obssesion with him and that he was 16 and Asian and lived
in Texas(the bestest state in the world). When everyone was
done eating, we went on the...oh what's it called...never
ending river or summin for two rounds. We held on to each
others tubes so the we wouldn't be seperated. Then we went
back into the wave pool to be drowned again, lol. The waves
would go over our heads and drag us under. I was lovin it!
There were a few hot guys in that pool! Of course, being
the freak I am, I'm sure none of them would even consider
talking to me. We then went back to the tree house. We
played a little tag then that got boring so we just sat and
talked about whatever. Then we just walked around until two
o'clock when the funnel cakes were being served. We each
got one funnel cake and a small coke. Powdered
sugar...yummy. Soo...when we were done, we went on the one
shark thing. It was kinda dumb, but as long as I'm with my
girls anything's fun. Then Katie said she'd go on the
twister thing if I went. I did of course, I love that
thing. The straps on my bathing suit fell and my top sort
of slid down, but I don't think anyone saw anything. Then
Katie wouldn't go on it! Grr...I was gonna kill her.
Instead we went on some raft ride then went back to the
pool, by that time we'd rented a two-person tube. Angela
pushed Katie and I out to the six foot. She practically
drowned herself doing it, but she did it anyway. She's so
awesome! Later we went to the tree house again and then
back to the pool. We enjoyed the wave pool, can ya tell? We
talked about our past, and a little of our future. I told
them about Timmy saying I should move in with him when he
turns 18(I'll be 16 so my mom'd have to sign something
unless I ran away). They said I should go for it. Hehe, I
don't even know if he was serious, but if not, that's
alright. I'll just go with my original plan(not the moving
to Cali); Move to Texas and buy my dream house. It's gonna
have fish in the bathroom, be by the beach, have a room for
my 3 pampered pooches, and be two stories high. I drew it
out on graph paper once. I really want that house, but I
don't think I'll ever get it. Whoa, I'm way off the
subject. Back to Raging Rivers...Angela was pusjing us into
the waves and Katie flipped out of the tube. It was
hilarious! We were tryin to flip each other out of the tube
and stuff after that. It was soooooooooooo soooooooooooo
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then, before we left, Katie and I got Ice cream. I had
chocolate chip cookie dough and Katie had chocolate. On the
way home Katie and I sang 2Ge her songs. I was lovin that
too. She and I are 2Ge her freaks! Well...we were, until
MTV stopped playing it, now all we have are our CDs and
pics of them and our memories of course. I miss my
Noah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAH! :-P
well that's all I have to right about. I'll probly cry all
day tomorrow because I'll miss my friends but what's knew,
ya know? Plus some other things, but I'm not gonna mention
them since I'm in an incredibly awesome mood!