Chapter One: The Evil Within
2002-07-04 01:10:27 (UTC)

Cross your fingers....

A little more than three more days and Matt will be
home, hopefully. Ohh how I miss him... I cant wait till I
can give him a hug and tell him of all the good and bad
things that have happened in the past two weeks... Matt is
like my personal diary. I tell him everything, and I hate
not having him here to tell all of my great moments and
horrid moments to tell him to.

Okay, I had an interview at Brookstones in the mall
today, and I hope it went well and I got the job because it
seems like an awsome job, and I wouldnt mind working there.
The lady seemed nice and impressed by my awnsers.

So there are the two things I am crossing my fingers for,
come on people, lets all cross our fingers for good ol'
Vicki?? Please?!

thank...if ya do it...
Vicki :)