Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
2002-07-03 23:54:59 (UTC)

New York and My Damn Body

I haven't written here in so long. Nothing that major has
happened to me. William and Nick fucked me on the Friday
before I came to New York for this college program. I was
drunk off my ass and I didn't realize what I was doing
until it was all over. I hate guys! I hate all of them.
I am so tired of feeling ashamed and fat. Those are the
only emotions that I have when I am around guys and I have
truely had enought of that!! New York has been fun so
far. I really really don't want to go back to
Milledgeville. Anyway, I took like 20 laxitives today so
I really have to go to the bathroom. I have been trying
to lose weight since I have been up here but it hasn't
been going well. Last week I ate barely anything and
worked out each morning, but these past few days I have
been eating a lot and I can't find a place to throw up to
I am basically screwed! Anyway I will be back to write in
a moment.