On the Road
2001-06-26 23:12:56 (UTC)

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So Pixie calls my mobile and leaves me a message with new
chords which I have fallen in love with. Her and I work
well. She plays me stuff and I can hear music to go with it
in my head. I'm tempted to break into song while listening
to my voicemail, but the fear that the other occupants in
my house will commit me to a fine mental institution keeps
this desire tied up.

I just learned how to play Melissa Ferrick's 'Drive' today
so that means I'll have to start subjecting my buds to the
wrath of the sexual song.

Speaking of songs, I just finished two songs. 'October
Heartache' and '35' Hoping to release those soon.

That's the news from the Fishbowl for now. Keep this page
bookmarked for more updates!