No Excuses

Pillow Of Your Bones
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2002-07-03 22:20:41 (UTC)


lol...sorry its been so long! jeesh...just couldnt seem to
find a spare moment to tell a bunch of ppl (and a
computer...) about my life. what new? tired.
not that thats anything new...just the first thing that
came to mind. my pc is a pc of shit, i only have like 4
friends, i didnt get to eat today (not my choice) ive been
working WAY too much and dre doesnt get off work till 10!
(its only 6 now). hmm...on a happier note, I LOVE ANDRE
CANALE!!! :-):-):-)!! tomorrow is the 4th of July (I
actually have the day off of work!)...I wanna spend the day
with dre (and bob and mike) but my sis will be arriving
sometime tonight and my mom bought $250 worth of fireworks
so i know ill be expected to join in their festivities.
poo. i finally got my Jensen poster hung up (its only been
7 months!!). dre and mike helped me. yay. well...time to
change (and i promise i wont wait another 274 years before
i write more)...:-*...

...Kerri E Canale

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