Beautiful Face To Find The Pain
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2002-07-03 22:18:53 (UTC)

my bestfriend

stephanie is my bestfriendin the whole ordand she just
recently oves to PA which reallysucks ass now all hr
friends and my friends are in oio and she is comine home
this thursday afternoon or early eavening my "bofriend" and
my other ood frien are throing us a party becasue we are
going on vacation togetr for 7 days to northcarolina which
is going to be hella awsome and then when we come back im
going to have another party but with everyonei want to come
b/c the party my friend/boyfriend (whatever he is i will
ight about him later) they dont want my ex boyfriend josh
to ocme but what know one knows is i really lke him again i
lot more then my new semi bofriend thing ihave going on but
josh is kinda weird but heis realy funny he could always
get me to laugh no matter what i wanted to kill myselfand
he would tal to me for 5 minutes and everyhting would be
alright he went to DH and i liked himbut he didnt know that
anyways i will talk about josh later 2in another entry but
stephanie is comeing homeuntil aug 10 thank god i get to be
with my bestfriend!!!!!

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