the ups and downs of my life
2002-07-03 22:00:59 (UTC)

its hot and bob went to the hospital

well its really hot today and i went swimming and i am all
burned now. it hurts. we went swimming at margies and when
we got home we found out bob was in an accident a boiler
fell on him. we didnt know if hge was gonna be ok but he
is. i will see him tomorrow maybe. i guess he was just
bruised and sore. my mom was really worried but i clamed
her down i kept saying to her "he will be ok" and he was.

tomorrow is the fourth of july. i am not sure what r plans
are but i hopewe get to do something fun. we might go to a
parade and shoot some of our own fireworks. well se how it

last night we(me and my brother) came down to dads to water
my brothers garden and it took forever. we have to walk
across the street from or house to the garden to get the
water and we take like 50 trips cuz the garden is so big.
it was a pain but i did it.

well thats it for now