~My Life... Well, Mostly my "love life"~
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2001-06-26 22:42:32 (UTC)

Kev... or Blake?

I have had SO much fun this week!! Even thought I didn't
talk to Kevin until today. And I hadn't talked to him
since last Tuesday! AN ENTIRE WEEK!! Well, I have been
helping my mom teach summer school. And even though she is
teaching rising 8th graders and I am a rising 10th grader,
I think I am in love with one of them. His name is Blake.
HE is just like me! He absolutely LoVeS Bliunk 182 like
me! On all of his papers, he circles an 8 between the
numbers 1 and 2 and then circles then all like their new
logo thing on "Take off Your Pants and Jacket." His hair
is just like Mark's too!! And his friend, Justin, that
sits in front of him told me that he likes me. But Blake
said he doesn't. I don't know how to feel, because I like
Kevin so much, and now I feel like I like Blake even more.
But there is this other dude in there, Roger, that is mine
and Blake's friend and he told me that Blake really does
like me. So I don't know what to do. Once again, if
anyone knows what I need to do, please E-mail me or give me
some feedback or something. Please help me.