2002-07-03 20:59:20 (UTC)

Running Off in Different Directions

That's me, today. In the morning I went to Junction City
and did my Fourth of July picnic shopping before the crowds
showed up. I decided to do another shopping trip this week
as there was a good for three days, buy $50 worth of
groceries and get $10 off coupon in yesterday's newspaper.
I needed hot dogs and buns and fixings, potato chips and
soda. We always need milk, potatoes and eggs and I found
enough canned goods to buy to get up to $50. We have
the hamburger patties. I'll make a potato salad, iced tea
and lemonade tomorrow as well as a dessert. Not strawberry
shortcake as that's for John's birthday on Friday. Maybe

Later today I have to go in the other direction, to Albany,
to return the DVDs we rented. Gavin had been given
certificates for three free ones. The guys watched
Blackhawk Down (I skipped that one--too violent). The
others were Gosford Park (a disappointing mystery) and
Shipping News (which was okay but I liked the book better).
I'll also take a quick run into the fabric store across the
street and get some fabric glue, pins and more quilting

We put netting over the blueberry plants last night as they
are getting close to ripe and attractive to birds. The
plants we bought are loaded with berries and it is one of my
favorite fruits so while I don't mind sharing with the birds
I want to make certain there are some for us!

John brought home a bunch of little pink wildflowers he
found in the hedgerow yesterday. He put water in a canning
jar to bring them home and I left them there when I put them
on the dining room table. The flowers closed as soon as he
cut them. We thought they'd opened again after being
in water for a while but they never have. I guess if I want
to see them open I'll have to go to the country house and
find some still growing.