2002-07-03 20:56:29 (UTC)

Basics for Wednesday, July 3, 2002


** Laundry
** Yard work/water pots and flowers
** Return DVDs to Hollywood Video in Albany
** Fourth of July grocery shopping (using $10 off


DINNER: Macaroni slad

WHAT'S IN JOHN'S LUNCHBOX: Chicken and rice to microwave;
meat loaf sandwich with packets of ketchup; strawberry
shortcake; blueberry pie; chocolate chip cookies; nectarine,
banana and apple; iced tea, iced coffee, cranberry-raspberry
juice and ice water with lemon slices.

QUILTING: Worked on applique of Little Pink Vase

WHAT I'M GRATEFUL FOR: The dawn made the sky look like the
inside of an abalone shell

READING: Steps to the Altar by Earlene Fowler

WEATHER: A few clouds in the morning but clear and warm in
the afternoon with highs in the mid 70s.

SCHEDULE FOR TOMORROW: Getting ready for Fourth of July
picnic which we'll have in the evening, after John comes
home from work.

QUOTE: Individuality is the aim of political liberty. By
leaving the citizen as much freedom of action and of being
as comports with order and the rights of others, the
institutions render him truly a freeman. He is left to
pursue his means of happiness in his own manner. ~ James
Fenimore Cooper