The Freak Underneath: Kate
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2001-06-26 22:23:16 (UTC)

Why "God?"

Why did you do this to me?! Why burden me with this
shit? I dont get it. Do you do this to those who gave up
believing in you? You probably just singled me out of the
now non-believers. It was just me, right? You like to
punish me, dont you? For what, may i ask? For being
different? For being alive? That's it. Right? I betcha
that's why. Well, you can go to hell. That's right. I just
told you, God, to go to hell. You are nothing to me. I
became atheist because i couldn't take your shit anymore. I
stopped believing in you because all the time i believed in
you, you fucked with my head, and my life. I'm permanetly
tramatized now. No joke you fucking hypocrite. Live (or die
for all i care) with the knowledge that you're on my shit
list and that i dont want to have anything to do with you.


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