My Life
2001-06-26 22:05:28 (UTC)

Lovers Lane???

Hey, sup. How are you? I am ok I guess. There is allot going
on. I know that I haven't had much time to explain myself or
anything about me, it's just that whenever I get the chance
to get on a computer it is not a very long time and I have
to make it quick n shit. But it's all good, cause I know
what I'm talking about.
So, my title...Lover's Lane? Let my explain. I have a
boyfriend....Can you believe it? I hardly can myself. It's
been how long again? Like forever! (We're not going to count
the guy that liked my sister and took me cause I was easy or
the only that would only chill with me for sex.) Nah, this
isn't bullshit. This guy really likes me. I kinda like him
to, I thought. I dunno, it's really weriod. He's kinda weriod, like not cool weriod. I don't even know why I went out with him in the first
place...Like I was just so thrilled that some one actually liked me and wanted to go out with me...But now I think I realize that a few
guys actually like me and would go out with me...guys allot cooler than him. I think that we
are moving too fast. I am just so lonely I don't know what
to do. I mean I just don't know. I don't know if things really can work between us.
It's like we hardly know each other and shit and yea we do
look really cute together but looks aren't shit. He really
likes me allot but sometimes I worry that he likes me too
much and it's way too soon and I don't want to hurt him but
I feel like there is already some tension between us. I just
don't know what to think!!! Damn it damn it I am so stupid.
Take your time I say take your time yea but no I just can't
work like that. I mean we haven't slept together or
anything, and we aren't going to for a WHILE, if ever, which I HIGHLY DOUBT. I
dunno. I have to go though. I guess I feel a little bit
better talking about it...I just dunno. WHAT WAS I
THINKING?!?!?!? Anyway, I have to go. I will try to get back to
you and we can talk about this later. bye!