Dirty Fractyl
2002-07-03 19:31:48 (UTC)

Becoming a child of the universe.

I warned her, "You're not ready to look infinity in the
face. You just aren't ready."

But she did not want to hear it, and would not listen.

She began to beg me to release the four codes of infinity's
doctrine to her, otherwise known as change dynamics. I
relented, continuing to warn her. But I could not keep it
from her forever, and after I while I capitulated and she

Thus began her downfall. Shortly after learning each
element in the code, she faded further into infinity.
After all four are perfectly understood and contemplated in
unison, you are staring infinity in the face. It is the
true face of god. And it is frightening.

The first thing that happens is a loss of conception of
linear time. 6 hours will pass as though a matter of
minutes and the subject can not even make the
differentiation without a clock. The loss is a separation
from linear time. You can literally FEEL your amagydalia
within your brain begin to function a little differently.
It does not feel like a headache, but it is a present
feeling, as though a muscle cramp that does not hurt, in a

Shortly, the face of infinity scares you back into wanting
to live in reality, but to do that, you must be able to
explain what happened to someone else, AND, have them
understand you, and watch that person not completely fade
without the full knowledge. Then, you know you are living
in an illusion (IN A SENSE) and can return to the 4-d 24 hr
world that is Earth.

And then, you have became a child of the universe.

As of right now, I believe I am the only one.

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