Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2002-07-03 19:18:51 (UTC)

A Little Erotica....

Do you remember last night? After we came home from the bar
and finally managed to stumble back your place? Do you
remember how I asked you to let me undress you? How I
wanted you to rake your nails across my back, how I wanted
to bite, and caress you? Do you remember our first night of
glorious passion?

There you stood with your shimmering hair, glistening with
sweat from hours of dancing, the bright lustre of your
bright eyes becons me forth. The lacy black satin blouse
rippled as I ran my hands softly up down your body, passed
the velvet skirt, the fishnet stockings and your 20 holed
leather boots. Slowly I move your hands around behind you.
My rings catch on the fishnets on your arms and snaps them
to your wrists.

You lean up against the chair, and I pull your leg up,
first the right, then the left, and I take your boots off,
with two great thuds they land behind the couch, and I take
off your stokings, black with runs. I kiss your feet
gently, and slowly massage them, all the dancing has made
them tired and sore. For a time, I continue, until you
smile down at me, and becon me up to your waiting lips.

We stand and kiss, for a time, I gently kiss your neck, and
run my hands down your back to your bottom, and grab you
firmly. I look up, and you arch back slightly, to lean
against the wall. Slowly I unbutton your shirt with my
teeth, just the one button at the top, and lift your hair
off of your shoulders, folding it back, gently. Your
necklace hangs low into your cleavage, the shape of your
breasts calling out to me. The button made of silver with
amber stones in the middle of each one. beautiful,
particularly on you.

You leaned back against the wall, turned your neck, and
brought my lips to them, so that I might caress it with my
lips, my tongue and my teeth. You mona slightly, swinging
your arms around me, one on my head, the other on my back.
Gently you dug your nails in, leaning in close, sweetly
whispering in my ear, biting my lobes as I kissed you,
engorged by your suppleness of your neck.

I pulled back after a moment, to wait for my pulse to
relax, gazing at you, your beautiful face looking up to me,
your hands clasped on my arms, your eyes, they seemed to
almost smoulder with anticipation. Slowly again, I loosen
another button with my teeth, and another and another,
until they are all undone. I move your arms up, and gently
remove your blouse, your chest heaves slightly, the red
satin bra holds your breasts firmly, the silver cord of the
necklace relaxes carefully between your cleavage,
acentuating them perfectly.

My heart races again, and I lunge again. Kissing your
breasts, running my tongue up over them to your collar
bones and up your long graceful neck, up further to your
waiting lips, and your hungry tongue. Kissing you and
consumed by our passion, we almost fall to the floor,
barely noticing.

I hold you until you recover your balance, and then move my
hands to your waist, I start pulling your fishnets and your
skirt falls down around your knees in one motion and
onwards to the floor. Your body calls out to me, the red
silk panties scream for removal, but not yet. I feel my
body answering the cresendo and pitch of your laboured
breathing, you lean close, pulling yourself and holding me
close, kissing my neck and nibbling on my ears.

My breathing, heavy, and excited. You tear off my shirt, it
rips and tears, your nails dig into my bare flesh, though I
wince, I mearly look deeply into your soul and motion for
you to continue, saying everything with my jade colored

You pulled at the black leather belt, trying to tear it
off, a soft scream of frustration, your pull and jerk, it
won't come loose, I move my hands down and pull it undone,
you look at it hungrily, and take it off. Bending down, you
undo the button on my black jeans, slowly, teasingly, run
the zipper down. You grab me, feeling the pulsing of my
throbbing self, feeling the lust I feel, the desire and
knowing that it is all for you. My pants fall, and you push
down the silk boxers I wear, you look at me, and run your
hands up across my chest, kissing me and yearing for me to
bring you closer to me.

Our hips lock, our lips touch, our breathing intense and
hot. A few exciting soft moans come sofly off your lips,
your eyes closed, enjoying the moment. I grab your arms,
and swing you around, a sharp intake of breath, you moan, I
come up behind you, kissing your back, your shoulder
blades, and your soft behind. Your arms come up and you
brace against the wall, slowly you spread your legs, your
thighs, glisten with sweat and you moan again as my tongue
gently runs up from your ankles and then up slowly,
agonizingly up to your panties, to the front, brushing your
mound softly with but a breath of blowing hot air and you
moan louder.

I reach up, taking off your blouse, and let it fall to the
floor. Moving close, you can feel the throbing between my
legs as I press closly against from behind. Your breathing
harder now, your heart is racing, and you can feel yourself
getting hotter and the juices flow more swiftly. My teeth
sink into your neck, you gasp, you moan some more, I bite,
quickly and yet softly, across your entire back. I slip my
tongue down your shoulderblade, and start to undo your bra.
You arch your back, giving me the room I need to remove it,
and mere seconds go by, you think it an enternity. I then
move my tongue gently down your back again, to the small,
and spend some time, with slight kisses and hot breath, I
snap the back of your panties, you gasp. Arching your
bottom towards me, speading your legs further, pleadingly,
looking over to me, you blow a kiss to me, and I take the
last remnant of your clothing off.

You turn around, looking so radiant in the moonlight, I can
see the shadows of your breasts as they heave, so round,
and luscious, the nipples eagerly shooting out towards me
waiting in anticipation. I slip feet out of my jeans, from
my boxers and move up and press myself against you. Our
lips joined once again, I smell your hunger and wait for
you to guide me where you will. Slowly you walk us towards
the bed, covered in clothes, pillows and satin sheets.
Lying down, you quietly ask me to kiss you, and you push my
head between your legs. I look at you, then down to your
hot glistening lips, I gently blow, you moan, grabbing my
hair you push me closer, I can smell you, taste you in the

My tongue darts out, to taste, to tease. So wet and so hot
you are, I cannot stop myself as I plunge my tongue against
your lips, and gorge myself of you, flicking my tongue
inside of you, around your clit, I take my time, and run my
lips against you. You heave and moan as I go down, deeping,
and caress you, my hair twists are you can feel yourself
about to explode, your breathing and moaning becomes deeper
and louder, I can't stop, and I don't, the ravishing of
your hot love mound continues, the fevered pitch of my
tongue cascades longing, and lovingly over your lips,
inside you and turning over and over around your clit, the
heave again and again and finally explode with a great
laughter and your whole body shakes with exctasy. My tongue
slowly brings you down, slowly brings you back to reality,
I enjoy tasting you so much, I almost cannot stop, and you
lift my head, looking at me.

You eyes dart down to the throbbing of myself, it's still
hard, and you want me. You know I want you, more than
anything, I can feel myself ready to explode, I still taste
you on my lips, and so I crawl over onto the bed, and
gently place myself over you. You reach down and caress me,
you look down and motion for me to enter you. I place the
tip of myself gently above your clit, roll it around, you
moan, gasp and pant furiously, your hips raise up towards
me, your hands reach out to my hips and you pull me down. I
slowly tease your lips with my own, and touch you softly, I
kiss your breasts tenderly and rub myself against your
mound, softly I push myself into you, pulling out and then
in again, I spread your lips, and fill you, you moan again,
hold me close as I raise myself again and press myself into
you again and again. I start to speed up, I cannot control
myself. This passion, this feeling of pure joy being within
you, and I enjoy you, your hands move up against my back,
you dig your nails into my back, and you scream for me to
pump harder, harder, don't stop, and I oblige you. Your
nails rake down my back, I feel myself ready to cum, you
moan, and arch your back, as your being explodes, I feel
the vibration within you, the muscles caressing my hard
being and the wetness thrusting outwards, I am almost
there, the panting, the moaning, the kissing and the hot
breath of your lips brings me to climax and with a great
moan I cum, the hot cum shots and fills you, and we kiss
until you roll me over and I slip out of you.

We hold each other for awhile, basking in the glow, the
moonlight dances in your eyes as I tell you I love you with
all my heart. The music fades from the night, and slumber
takes us both, enrapped withing each others arms until the
light of dawn.....

Do you remember?

Copyright ©2002 T. F. Coles

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