the roads not taken
2002-07-03 19:13:05 (UTC)

Sunny side up?

Hey. Yeah i realize its kinda been a while and when i was
writting i sounded all depressed but i'm doing pretty good
right now. I never did finsh that friend thing or start the
one for the other people who affect me but oh well for
that. i've got good friends and they know how i feel about
them and so do i so why do i have to write it out! anywho
i've had this week off of work and i haven't been doing all
that much. tomorrow is the 4th adn we're cooking out and
going to see the fireworks and i asked krista if she wanted
to come over b/c shes never been over and cause shes a fun
girl haha. but i don't know if shes home from the beach so
yeah. and something is going on with me and sean again. i
don't know if feelings are basing it or if we are just both
bored. cause the saturday before last iw as bored and so
was he and we were jsut gonna hang out..i had no feelings
then and we ended up all huggy and blah blah. and we went
out last night and it was like that and his parents aren't
gonna be home on friday and i'm going over there. but i
dunno i don't have strong feelings. oh well. but things in
my world are good.