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2001-06-26 21:57:16 (UTC)

i realize now.

I am writing this for you…
And not for me. For once.
I am sure you are surprised to hear from me.
After such a lng time has gone by.

I am writing to give you clourse.
As I know you must have needed all these years.
And now.
I am in a point in my life.
Where I realize how important that is.
Like, it has always been to you.
I guess you were always ahead of me…

So here it goes…
My apologize and realizations that I am sure you you
probably have no need to hear anymore.

I am sorry for not letting you know.
How important you were to me.
I am sorry for never showing you.
All the beauty you instilled in me.
I am sorry for not calling you back.
When I told you that I would.
I am sorry for being late all the time.
(as does with this letter…)
I am sorry for lying to you.
When I know.
I was the only one you trusted.
I am sorry for being too nieve.
To realize, all the pain I brought upon you.
And I am sorry for being apathetic about my igronace.
I am sorry for making you cry.
All the many times I did.
Im sorry for building up your strength.
And the tearing a huge hole in it.
I am sorry that I was never as amazing as you.
I am sorry that I didn’t give you, all I know you needed.
I am sorry for being a bitch.
And then expecting you to forgive me.
I am sorry for not apologizing all the times I hurt you.
I am sorry for being fake with you.
Because you were the only one who really knew me
And then I took that away frm you too.
Im sorry for not being there enough.
To hold you.
And im sorry for going out of town all the time.
And not missing you when I was…
I guess I never realized until now.
That while I was having all the fun.
You were still at home.
I am sorry for letting yu fall in love with me.
When I knew that I could never love you back.
And I am sorry for even writing this.
Because im sure you don’t need to remember any of this.
But, I want you to know.
How utterly and completely sorry I am.
For being who I am.
I am not beautiful like you.
I am not beautiful at all.
You deserved so much better.
And I hope that this letter.
Finds you filled with the love and passion and fire that
you always had.
Im sorry I took all you couldn’t even offer.
And left you with nothing.
I am sorry for everythign I ever did to hurt you.
And im sorry that we parted ways…
Although I know that youre better off now.
Without me in youre life.
But I am sorry, because I realize now.
I realize now.
And I just wanted to let you know.
That I realize it all now.

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