Cloud Nine?
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2002-07-03 18:31:41 (UTC)

Another Interesting Topic

Note:Incase you are reading this thinking you are going to
read something interesting, you might not find that here
despite the title.

These past few days I have literally been laying around the
house. A couple times here and there I got out to do
something. For example, Monday morning I went to my church
with a couple people and hung out, Tuesday night I went to
the Coffee House, even though I do not like coffee, imagine
that. I tried the Italin Cream Latte, ya um ewwwww. So I
settled for a Summertime Smoothie and a bag of Chex Mix.
Yesterday I went over to my neighbors house to feed their
dogs and gross they freakin crapped in the kennel. So I
spend my valuable time(I'd like to think I still have some
valuable time) to clean everything out, blah! Then I went
back over there an hour later to bring the dogs in from
outside, and it took me like a hour to get them back in the
kennel...those little rascals. There so cute though, little
chiwawas. Im gonna go now I just got a phone call. Bye!