Livin' Large....or...not.
2001-06-26 21:46:10 (UTC)


Wow, I feel so 21st, the person who has
always kept handwritten journals. I still love the feel of
ink gliding on paper. But for whatever reason, I'm
feeling more motivated to vent my feelings at the
computer than at the notebook lately. And I've got a lot to
think about that I've been avoiding, so I figured I better
get rid of my lofty ideals about the handwritten book, no
matter what Julia Cameron says.
The biggest pressing matter for me to deal with is my
neverending (or so it seems...yawn!!!) career dilemma.
I've got to really work out some things and get busy, or
another year is going to slip by while I've done nothing.
Secondly, I need to put some thought into my
relationship with Mike, because I sense things are
getting SERIOUS in his mind, and I can't decide if that's
where I'm headed or not. I better figure it out before I
find myself in a tight spot!

There's lighting in the sky right now...we hardly see that
in this part of Colorado, so I love to watch it. And best of
all, delicious cool air is coming in my window, misting
me with rain. Cooling off is a nice metaphor for all the
crap that's been frying my brain lately.

I'm in a good mood today, actually....had the best
mountain bike ride I could have imagined on Sunday,
had a nice morning with Mike today, and work feels
less aggravating. And I have the Boulder Offroad
Alliance "party" to look forward to this evening. I feel like
I'm starting to form a small community with those's great. In fact, one of the girls I met on the last
ride just emailed me to ask if I wanted to ride again,
which is very cool. I'm definitely looking for some new
friends, considering how many I've lost to attrition, ha
ha. This town is just too transient, everyone takes off on
me. Wait, does that mean I should be getting out of
here? Eleven years IS a long time. But....I love it here!!