2002-07-03 17:54:22 (UTC)

Finally registered...

I am finally registered for summer school. Yeay!!! I'm so
happy that I will be getting those bad memories out of the
way at St.Pat's. It's close to my house. Only a 20 minute
walk. It's paid in full already, so I don't have to worry.
Except about my dad returning the money to mom. I don't
know how much he's gonna contribute or when, but I do know
it's gonna (it better be,) atleast $100 and he's getting
his check tonight. So he might dish out the cash by

I read the uniform policy, and I don't think I'll be able
to bring a book bag to school. How dumb is that? I didn't
quite understand the sentence that said so when I first
read it. It makes no sense. Students not bringing bookbags
to school is like people not bringing sun tan lotion to the
beach, or customers not bringing wallets and pursues to a
store. I'll either call them up and ask what is the meaning
of this, or I'll go the first day and see what happens.
Here's the sentence, we'll see whether you think there's
more to it or what:

"Hats may not be worn nor backpacks carried to, from, or in
St.Patrick Summer School!"

Errr?!? I still don't get it.

Other then that, I've totally been ignoring Geoffrey
Chaucer's, The Canterburry Tales. I read 1/3 of it then I
stopped once I started going out for the whole day. It's
been about 5 days since I read. I gotta start soon, so that
I can finish soon and give that book back to Karoline. I
wanted to finish fast so that I could return Anne Rice's
book, Memnoch the Devil, and make one trip to the library
instead of two. But the book is due on the 7th, and I gotta
return it.

Not to mention how far behind I am on the whole book
writing thing. Hopefully I'll start writing the actual
script before the summer ends, and even more, hopefully,
before summer school begins.

Till next time...