The GoddessIris

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2002-07-03 16:45:49 (UTC)

Royality (apoem)

You found me on my feet standing tall and proud,
you pushed me to my knees
you pushed me to the ground.
I was always the one with the upper hand
now I stay down while you take your stand.
Ive given you all I got , I swear I'll give you more.
Just please be patient while I count my thoughts
and please don't lock the door.
It isnt enough for it to be okay ,
it isnt enough for it to be a 50% 50% day.
I know you know how it is and how it has to be
It will always be you and never you and me .
But hey no complaints
I'm doing just fine
see the smile on my face as you feed me another line .
YOU . My everything and thats to much to be , but your my
eveything anyway,
your my royality.