My Life.............
2002-07-03 16:17:14 (UTC)


I was with him again lastnight.:) he told me i need to get
rid of R. and B. and he said he would give me some time, i
dont know if this is the right thing, i know hes still in
love with his ex wife and if my sister ever found out she
would kill me, shes still in love with him, and even though
he doesnt love her, shes still fighting to get him
Is it so wrong to fall in love with your sisters ex
boyfriend?? i guess i need to put myself in my sisters
place, i guess i would be hurt, but, eventually i would have
to get over it, or loose my sister forever, i dont know,
sometimes i feel so damn guilty.....
I asked him lastnight if he was with me just to get back at
Holly, and he looked at me and said "you think im using you
now, dont you??" all i could say was no, but, there was
doubt in the back of my head, and he said he wouldnt do
that, and H. wasnt worth it, but, still, theres that
When we were all at Bobbys house the other night, someone
took his mothers watch, Bobby said to me "now im not blaming
you", i almost decked him!!!!! i know im being blamed
because his mother hates me, poor little Holly couldnt have
done it, she was in the bathroom, i was in there only long
enough to talk to Holly, she was laughing about Bills
cousin, he acts and talks funny, and she said she didnt
think she could go back out into the room, the Doris came
into the house, and i walked back into the living room and
Holly finished what she was doing, my niece was there too,
but, i dont think she used the bathroom, she was mostly
outside with me, cause bobby asked about taylor, i was
supposed to babysit today, and i was gonna go through the
trailor looking for that watch, if she took it i will break
her fingers, i know she steals, she got caught at Ames for
stealing, i cant figure out what she wold want to do with a
watch, well, DUH, i know she could sell it, but, around here
i dont know who would buy it..... all i know is that if she
tool the watch, she better return it, because i know im
gettng blamed for it!!! i can just hear his mom telling him,
i dont want that girl back in this house!! and i swear to
god that i didnt take the watch!! what the heck would i want
her watch for? i dont even wear watches, except the cheap on
i bought to wear when i work out...........