The Confusion That I Call My Lif
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2000-10-24 04:25:28 (UTC)

I can t stop thinking about..

I can't stop thinking about him!!! This is crazy! I don't even know
the guy and I can't get him off of my mind. Oh well, I guess I'm just
crazy. He was on right when I got on, but less than a min later, he
got off...I'm hopeing that it's not because I got on...that would
suck! Well now I'm thinking that he might have. His roomate is on. He
may have just switched screen name as soon as he saw that I got
on...or maybe his roomate wanted to get on...that is a posibility. I
don't know maybe it's because I can't stop thinking about him and the
entire situation that I put my self in. I don't know maybe I'm just
insane. Well, may be it realy was his roomate, he just got off.

O.K., before I become completely obsesed with the whole thing, lets
talk about something else...damb it, he (his roomate) just got back
on...this sucks...should I IM him? Maybe...maybe not...I don't
know...NO, I'm not going to, if he doesn't want to talk to me that is
his perogative...I'm not going to force him, expecially if he is
going out of his way to get away from me...which I hope he's not, but
if he is, I'll let him...I'm not going to turn into one of those
obsesive anoying chicks!!! I refuse to!

O.K. for real now...change the subject.

Oh, my friend Kristina just moved back. She had moved to Tallahasi
(you know what I'm talking about...If you haven't figured it out yet,
I am a horable speller!) in I think June or July. Anyway, she had a
baby in April (she's 20 and the father is her feonce, or at least was
at the time...they have sence broken up and are now back together on
a trial basis...) anyway, she just got back on Saturday...I'm happy
that she is back. The only thing that bothers me about her is that
she is always talking about Jesse and what he did/is doing. It's not
nearly as bad as it was before...and actually now she isn't that bad
at all. I am still kept informed on what is going on with her, but I
don't get too much information, and I normally don't hear the same
story over and over again.

Her baby is soo cute...his name is Tyler, and he is just about the
cutest baby that I have ever seen. I use to babysit him over the
summer he was (and still is) the most well behaved baby that I know.

I'm glad to have her home.

You know what...even though I love it down here (in Naples), I would
realy like to move up noth. My mom wants to move to Main...I think
she's crazy...I would much rather move to at least New
Hampshire...that's at least a little further south...not by much, but
a little.

You know what the weird thing is...I don't think that I'd realy miss
all of my friends down here...they are mostly either seniors this
year or they have allready graduated...I think that the only things
that I'd miss is the fact that I won't graduate from Barron...I love
my school...and the road's basicly a perfict
map...everything is easy to find...up there everything is fuck's all in circles and shit...and what the hell is up with
those damb rotaries? I hate them! I don't think that I made a single
correct turn the entire time that I was up there...but the drivers
are alot nicer than they are down here. I think that they just expect
trafic, where as here we flip out if there is any kind of
trafic...expecially bumper to bumper...

Oh well, I'm not realy worried about it, we won't move until
(earliest) this summer, so I'll worry about it then...and I'm sure
that I'll get use to it.

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