2002-07-03 14:08:20 (UTC)

July 3rd

Hey guys again! GOd loves you.
Lots has been up.. i am really like so like really sorry
this diary has been dead. Shoulda just signed up at i think there is a place.. anyhow.. i'm
babysitting right now so i can't talk too long.. just got
on here to check some shtuffs... hope to hear from
SOMEBODY. We're all so freakin' busy...
Today my Dad turned 50! WOW! Can you believ eit!? And yep,
i'm 18. It's so weird to see commercials on tv (amazing i
know this.. i barely watch it at all) and see tha line
where it goes: "Callers 18 and over only" or whatever.. lol
Well i found out Jace went to 2 bars about 2 weeks ago..
prolly more since then.. when he told me no more.. and
actually said he surrendered to tha ministry (We went to
visit our old home where we moved from 2 years ago in May..
and Jace is an old "friend" from there, i guess.. and he has always
had "issues" i guess.. and finally said no more.. i mean,
he always says that, but i really thought...)!
Erik's upset cause we can't see eachother now.. i'm headed
to college. I'm sad too.. just gotta be strong ya know.
I actually went swimming yesterday! AMAZING LALALA! I swam
in my jeans and shirt!!!!!!!!!!!! My shirt kept rising up
and my jeans sloping down.. poor Wayne just kept helping me
keep myself together.. see, i never ever swim anymore.. an
dwell i did.. i didn't bring a swimsuit.. so i just got
right in. It felt great. A guy came up (no names!:)) and
tried to dunk me from below by dragging me down by my
legs.. well.. i kinda did that squeal/scream thing that i
do and Wayne came rushing over, ofcourse:D. He dunked and
dunked tha guy.. and tha guy left us alone til like a few
minutes ltaer and jsut splashed us! Erica and i decided
that he must like to be dunked.. well Wayne got him again..
this time holding him down.. and splashing him bad... well
i really feel protected... you guys have no idea how sweet
Wayne is. He would do anything as long as it didn't go
against God. I can't believe i'm sharing all this with so
many people.. wow. New for me, big time. I dunno if you
guys are really even reading this. Feedback WOULD be nice..
but whatever:). Wayne is just protective, please do not
think of him as mean. Jessica (my sis.) told Mom lsat night
that Wayne has a trerrible temper.. and all this bad stuff
about him that isn't even true ofcourse, and so she got
that terrible look on her face... and just lectured...:( it
really was sad.. Wayne is the most precious thing.. he
DOESN'T have a terrible temper.. really. Jessica's guy
Andrew, is the terrible temper king, sides my Dad..
*sigh*.. i pray for this situation.
Speaking of Dad, today is his FIFTIETH birthday! WAIT! I
already told you guys that! ha. Well yeah:). Mom is taking
him shopping today for new clothes, and we're having a
party for him after church tonight. I got him lots and lots
of chocolate because he loves lots and lots of chocolate,
and got him socks. He has a thing about socks, but
anywayz... this is weird to talk about.
I'm getting more and more into bluegrass.. yes, i repeat,
bluegrass.. i keep reminding myself that heavymetal,
classical, alternative, and all that reealalllyy good stuff
is what i should be listening to, no, not really. Wayne
just really loves bluegrass and i like it too,... i just
think not enough.. so i've been listening to the cd that
Wayne made me.. it's almost all bluegrass.. and it's kinda
growin' on me. I told Wayne like #'s 5-8 just isn't workin'
yo... but i'm tryin'! Number 9 is kool. OK FReAK SHUT
UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or as Kelsey would say, you
fairy! I know that is harmless, but man, calling someone a
fairy is mean! Ahh.. i so get distracted when i write.. and
talk.. and sing..and.. THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR GRACE! I'm a
mess.. can't be anything without Jesus.. and neither can
you.. not to say that in a mean way.. adn omg look at the
time! I G2g soon! Really Evan is on the other computer so
it's kool.... just i need to get some shtuff done before
9:30 AM. That's when the schedule starts. Evan and i made a
schedule today. It's kool.. except i don't really wanna
play DeltaForce.. but oh well. Suck it up, Rachel. You
always do!
Josh Nordean now has a g/f. I figured that, but his little
bro. told me what? yeah......... i
just don't wanna explain, please.
Grandpa is coming today! He is bringing us new furniture...
i told Mom i had a dream the other night i got a new couch
in mty roomm.. tis true! Then one of the peices he is
bringing is a couch! Hm.. Mom said no, tho'. Ofcourse. Not
to be disrespectful.. she just scares me here lately.
Anywayz, i prolly won't see Grandpa causei'm over here,..
but Mom will prolly call over and tell us to come, then
Evan will cry cause of the schedule mess up.. and blah blah
blah.. but man! WHAT AM I!??? I need to speak words of life
upon this situation and myself, and others! Power in ya
tongue, ya'll!
Emily, my sis., has been really attacked by the devil with
sickness.. we dunno what it is. I think we're taking her to
the hospital soon. Shalom Aleikhem, Emily! Peace be unot
you, Emily! Amen and praise GOD.
I miss Boreth!
I really really miss Wayne, tho'. He is awesome. Really:)!
Well, just cause i haven't talked about you.. doesn't mean
i don't love you, guys:)!
THanks for a stupid time here with me and for putting up
with me..
g2g write a band back now.........


REV. 12:12 ROKS!