The Black Hole
2001-06-26 19:33:55 (UTC)


Dear DIary,
Wow...I met a great guy. I wished he lived closer to
MI then I know we would be great friends. We have so much in
common yet so much that is different. I feel that I could
tell him anything. (Floyd thank you)

Brian, BRian, Brian...he is so stupid!!! I am talking
about (Kruse) yeah. Wow you should have heard the thing he
had to say about me on the net the other day. ANd now he on
vacation so I can't tell him my mind.

Hmm today I am pretty much doing nothing except talkin to my
friends on the net. Mary just got off. SO I am talking to
Justin and Greta right now. I have a"get together" with
Justin next weekend. And greta should be coming back soon
from visiting her dad. Fun

Peaches and cream